Auction Schedule

The first auction of each day will begin at 08:00 a.m. unless otherwise shown. The next location will begin after the first location is finished. (We can not set a time for any location except the first one).

*Auction dates are subject to change or cancellation without notice. You may contact the facility prior to the date to confirm the date and time.

All auctions will be conducted at Derrels Mini Storage properties unless otherwise stated. RAIN OR SHINE

October 2019

Thursday Oct 17th 8:00 am 3275 W. ASHLAN AVE., FRESNO 28
Friday Oct 18th 8:00 am 955 N. Willow Ave., Clovis
Followed by: 9712 N. Willow Avenue, Clovis
Wednesday Oct 23rd 8:00 am 3330 E. Tulare St., Fresno 27
Thursday Oct 24th 8:00 am 9801 White Lane, Bakersfield
Followed by: 12001 Stockdale Hwy., Bakersfield
Friday Oct 25th 8:00 am 6625 Wible Rd., Bakersfield 10
Monday Oct 28th 8:00 am 5340 E. Kings Canyon Rd., Fresno 38
Tuesday Oct 29th 8:00 am 5000 Ashe Rd., Bakersfield
Followed by: 1330 Coffee Rd., Bakersfield
Wednesday Oct 30th 8:00 am 13952 Rosedale Hwy, Bakersfield 14
Thursday Oct 31st 8:00 am 1800 W. Belmont, Fresno 31

Welcome to Whittemore Auctions!

We are the premier Storage Auction Company in the central California area. Please join us as we manage and conduct the best storage facility auctions available. Many people have discovered the exciting way to buy low and sell high creating tremendous wealth for themselves at our storage auctions. When we manage an auction for a storage facility, our primary purpose is to get the unit cleaned out and available to rent again. There is never a minimum bid required to sell any of the items found in those units. The items we uncover must sell at that moment, creating a tremendous opportunity for you! You will never find a better deal than you will find at one of our storage auctions. You can buy as little or as much as you want. Individual items are available, as well as large bulk sales. We sell between 100 and 400 lots per day and we do this approximately 20 days each month. Again, these items must sell regardless of how low the price. Rain or shine, we must get these units sold and ready to rent again. Please check out our auction schedule to see when we’re coming to a town near you!

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